Online Lessons

Martin Hury

Online Blues Guitar Lessons.

You can take a program, single lessons or single lesson pack (according to your needs).

Single lessons: Theory, scales, chords, licks. All what you need to improve your playing.
Beginner program: please, visit this link
Intermediate level program: please visit this link

Single lessons: 45 min. lesson. We just need to set up day and time (at least 2 days before you decide to take the lesson). Cost: $50 

Offer July 2020 – Buy this pack you will get 1 free lesson.
4+1free = 5 lessons!
Single lessons Pack (pack of four single lessons + 1 free): You buy the pack and you take the lessons whenever you want. We just need to set up day and time at least one week before you decide to take the lesson. Cost of the pack: $180

10 lessons program: We follow the program (beginner or intermediate level). One lessons per week at same time (for example, every monday at 6pm). Cost: $400 

I normally give the lessons through Skype. I use email and Dropbox to send you PDF´s and audio files.

IMPORTANT: Please, be sure you have a good internet connection. Preferably a cable connection. If you use a Wi-Fi connection, it is recommended to be near the modem.

Payment: Payments must be made same day you book / purchase the lesson pack or program. Only credit card accepted.

I’m located in Montreal, Canada. My time zone is (GMT-5)

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