Online Lessons

Martin Hury

Online Blues Guitar Lessons.

You can take a program, single lessons or single lesson pack (according to your needs).

Single lessons: Theory, scales, chords, licks. All what you need to improve your playing.
Beginner program: please, visit this link
Intermediate level program: please visit this link

Single lessons: 45 min. lesson. We just need to set up day and time (at least 2 days before you decide to take the lesson). Cost: $50 

Single lessons Pack (pack of four single lessons): You buy the pack and you take the lessons once a week. We just need to set up day and time. Cost of the pack: $180

10 lessons program: We follow the program (beginner or intermediate level). One lessons per week  Cost: $400 

I normally give the lessons through Skype. I use email and Dropbox to send you PDF´s and audio files.

IMPORTANT: Please, be sure you have a good internet connection. Preferably a cable connection. If you use a Wi-Fi connection, it is recommended to be near the modem.

Payment: Payments must be made same day you book / purchase the lesson pack or program. Only credit card accepted.

I’m located in Montreal, Canada. My time zone is (GMT-5)

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