Intermediate Program

Blues Guitar Program

Level: Intermediate – PROGRAM 2

Duration: 10 lessons

Requirements: completed the beginner level or an intermediate knowledge of guitar.



In this guitar course we will continue to explore the basic intervals, deepening the understanding and application of the Minor and Major pentatonic scales. Jump to the next level of the improvisation in Blues guitar.


In this course you will:

  • Learn a fast way to understand, find and play over the five positions of the pentatonic scales in any position of the neck.
  • Understand and play the Blues Scale.
  • Learn a serie of Blues licks (30) that will help you to understand the Pentatonic Scales.
  • Go further: learn the finer details of the “Blues Groove”: The Shuffle and its variations.


Lesson 1:

Learn the basic intervals. Apply them on scales and chords.




Lesson 2:

Playing Lead. Pentatonic Scales. All you need to know about this scale

 -Minor Pentatonic. The “3 ZONES CONCEPT “(fast identification of the scales)

Application in Blues.

Licks. Ideas. Exercises.


Lesson 3:

– Major Pentatonic.

Application in Blues.

Mix with Pentatonic minor

-Pentatonic Plus One: The Blue Note (THE BLUES SCALE)


Lesson 4:

-Connecting the positions: Licks that take you up and down the neck.


Lesson 5-6-7:

-Application of the Pentatonic Scales into Blues. Licks and Tricks.

-30 Blues Licks you must know


Lesson 8:

Playing  Chords:

-Majors. Minors. Dominants. Altered.
Lesson 9:

Learn and apply the classic blues rhythm

-The shuffle groove: How to get “that groove”
– 12 bars Blues


Lesson 10:

Putting it all into practice.

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